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Personal and Professional Development Consultant


My name is Ruth Cabrera

My mission is to guide you towards flourishing in all key areas of your life, including both personal and professional spheres.

In today's world, accessing psychotherapeutic or psychological support to improve aspects of your life, your relationship, your family, or your work can be challenging due to the high costs in your country. For this reason, I offer my services online, with therapy sessions via video call from Mexico, at more affordable rates per session for you or your loved ones. This represents a savings of up to 40% compared to what you would commonly pay in your country.

Currently, I provide services to individuals and couples located in Australia, the United States, and Canada.

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Integrative Development: A Holistic Approach, including Psychology, Coaching and Wellbeing.

My credentials:

  • Bachelor in Psychology - Universidad Latinoamericana.

  • Bachelor in Translation - Universidad Intercontinental.

  • Masters in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy - Universidad Intercontinental.

  • Executive Coaching -internal certification at PwC.

  • Certification for the execution of coaching sessions - Red SEP CONOCER.

  • Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion for HR - Cornell University.

  • Diploma in Couples Therapy- Universidad La Salle.

  • Diploma in Psychotrauma- Universidad Anáhuac.

  • Diploma in Psychoanalysis Foundations - Universidad Intercontinental.

  • Diploma in Brief Therapy - Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala.

  • Twenty years of experience in management positions, at international companies, in Mexico and abroad.  

My approach is based on years of training in relevant topics, combined with my experience in the international corporate world, leading multicultural and multigenerational teams at various stages of development over twenty years, with an emphasis on ethics, diversity, and inclusion. From this combination, I offer you tailored support in a consultancy format, meaning it's customized for you: ethical, comprehensive, and completely personalized, which may include specialized psychotherapy, coaching, mentorship, or a combination of everything. All my services are available both online and in-person, in English or Spanish, individually, in groups, or for organizations.


How will we work?

The first step is to have an online interview, in which we will discuss your discomfort or your goals, and from there, I will propose a work path that we will walk together, seeking your well-being and satisfaction, both personally and professionally. Whether you seek to manage your anxiety, improve your relationship, reach a new professional position, or maximize your team's performance, I am here to help you achieve fulfillment and happiness in all areas of your life.

If you're ready for you or your team to take the next step, I'll be here, ready to accompany you

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"Ruth is an excellent therapist, throughout the session she provides the necessary confidence and guides you through the appropriate process. Her empathy and warmth during the sessions have helped me progress significantly. Her office is a pleasant and safe space."

Much of how we approach periods that seem difficult in some way (like the beginning of the year, which we call 'January's slope') has to do with our self-esteem. Yes, self-esteem is involved there.

It turns out that self-confidence, or the belief we have regarding our ability to face life's challenges, is what allows us to better or worse handle challenging periods.

And to better understand our self-esteem and improve self-confidence, I leave you with this audio material that will help you with that. It consists of several segments where we talk about what self-esteem is, how it forms, exercises to improve it, and, in the end, music to reflect on everything you have heard.

Completely free -in Spanish- for those who have access to Spotify.

I hope you enjoy it.

Participations in media

Ruth Cabrera / Intervenciones en TV

Ruth Cabrera / Intervenciones en TV

Ruth Cabrera / Intervenciones en TV
Cyberacoso y su impacto en la infancia - Psicoterapeuta Ruth Cabrera en Mexiquense TV

Cyberacoso y su impacto en la infancia - Psicoterapeuta Ruth Cabrera en Mexiquense TV

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Diálogos en confianza (Pareja) - ¿Cómo terminar mi relación? (08/09/2023)

Diálogos en confianza (Pareja) - ¿Cómo terminar mi relación? (08/09/2023)

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Diálogos en confianza (Pareja) - Ya no tiene tiempo para mí (16/12/2022)

Diálogos en confianza (Pareja) - Ya no tiene tiempo para mí (16/12/2022)

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